back to front Im September 2002 veranstaltete
in Zusammenarbeit mit Rocket Shop
einen Versuch mit zeitnaher Wegaufzeichnung >>> ENGLISH
mittels Mobilfunkgeräten
und Laufalgorithmen
im Rahmen des Rundganges "Kunst Mitte Nord"
in Berlin, als Teil des
"Hot Summer of Generative Psychogeography"
Ursprüngliche Ankündigung hier.
At a time when GPS and PML were the cutting-edge acronyms
in the realm of locative media and collaborative mapping,
EPRAM spent a comparatively low-tech evening enjoying
the possibilities of combining algorithmic strolls with
the GSM standard. Five pairs of walkers were issued with
algorithms and a bunch of stickers and sent to
the junction of Brunnenstraße and Bernauerstraße to start
on their respective routes. They dutifully phoned in
their position at every turn, so that when they returned
to Rocket Shop, the map showing where they had been was
waiting for their perusal. The walkers of the yellow line
developed a stripped-down approach to their algorithm,
ignoring all detail and just going 1st left, 1st right,
1st left, 1st right until thirst got the better of them.
Apart from introducing some new people to the delights of
peripatetic computing, this exercise set up a parallel
movement to the Rundgang of which it was officially part,
sending people on a guided tour not of art shows, but of
dimly-lit streetscapes and people out walking their dogs.
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