back to front an ongoing collection of
places to go, people to see, things to do ...
in no particular order
socialfiction - home to the ground-breaking research of wilfried houjebek. constantly updated with his latest findings. nice library. exhaustive link list. no fratsen. ESSENTIAL READING [aaaah]

- home to the participatory gift economies of sal randolph. start your own record label at opsound. nominate entries for a second volume of free words. go treat yourself!

university of openess - the only university in the UK with a faculty of cartography.

glowlab - brooklyn-based collective who gave us the shuffle walk and urban chess. lots of walking about talking to people. great photographs.

irational - home to the diverse and fascinating antics of heath bunting. take time to browse the list of projects!

petr kazil - check out this sprawling urban exploration proto-blog for sheer poetic exuberance! besides accounts of kazil's own activities (mainly in rotterdam), there are great lists of things other people have done.

urban planning 1794-1918 - "an international anthology of articles, conference papers, and reports, selected, edited, and provided with headnotes by john w. reps, professor emeritus, cornell university." some amazing material, including "the human drift" by king champ gillette from 1894.

a couple of freely subscribable berlin-based literary mailing list projects (in german):
restaurantkritikkritik - occasional reviews focussing on the art of reviewing restaurants
begriffsstudio - monthly updates containing numbered lists of exquisite linguistic flotsam and jetsam

radarreturns - pop-up-a-licious home of a project gathering information about how people do things in different places around the world. become a radar and beam back data about what you are doing.