back to front this particular EPRAM is a random unresolved acronym chosen at the drop of a hat in 2002
as an umbrella for various thoughts, words and deeds. is based in berlin and cooperates with likeminded entities worldwide.
the E in EPRAM could be: exploration // enjoyment // ...
P in EPRAM could be: peripatetic // postcard // poetry // ...
R in EPRAM could be: rambling // random // routines // ...
A in EPRAM could be: aleatory // algorithmic // animal sculptures // ...
M in EPRAM could be: meandering // mapping // magazines // ...

(there are various other EPRAMs out there)
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ideengänge - peripatetic phrase perpetuation: sign up to receive post from heinrich von kleist
bln/ffm/nyc by boat - ongoing nautical saga based on a set of slides found on the fleamarket
understanding miracles - report on pseudo-psychogeography in amsterdam
gsm-mapping - real-time collaborative mapping with none of yer fancy satellite-powered gear
minerva's marble map - open-sourcing 19th century militarism for peaceful micro-demonstrations
abweichende linienführung - magazine project in berlin focussing on cartographic freestyle
walkaholics anonymous - occasional photographs by a group of compulsive ramblers
links - places to go, people to see, things to do ...
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